Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Paul Durham goes to London/Dublin

i’m thrilled to be returning to my lands of my musical roots — england and ireland — to play two solo acoustic shows, this friday in london and next wednesday in dublin.

i got called over last-minute to do a photo shoot for a project i’ve been working on for years (someday you’re gonna hear it) and instead of burrowing in my hotel room like usual i thought i would actually get out and play some music for people who have been waiting a long time to hear me.

i don’t know when i’ll make it back to europe again. i’m not going every year like i used to, and unfortunately i’m not going to be playing in hamburg on this trip. so this may be your last chance to get to see me play for a while. and i have to say that these two shows are going to be special.

both the london and dublin shows are in beautiful, classic clubs that we’ve rented out, so it won’t be like hearing me play in a loud bar. it’s just going to be us (and, you know, a bartender). i will play two sets and then we’ve got both rooms until 2 am to just hang out and meet each other.

i’ve wanted to come over there for a long time. some of you have been part of the black lab army for almost two decades and i look forward to putting faces to names from forum posts and facebook updates and addresses on shipping labels. i do hope you’ll come and stay late and introduce yourself.

ok, here are the facts:

london: this friday november 7, doors at 8 and i’ll play at 8:30 or so, in the map room at the bedford, 77 bedford hill, balham, SW12 9HD. tickets are 10£ and can be purchased at the door or online.  tickets are already selling well from my facebook posts so i encourage you to get yours now.

dublin: next wednesday november 12, doors at 8 and singer/songwriter eloria (https://m.facebook.com/EloriaMusic) opens at 8:30. i’ll go on at 9:30 — in the very posh rooftop bar at the odessa club, 14 dame court, dublin 2. tickets are 10€ at the door — if you want me to hold a ticket for you just email your name and count to contact@blacklabworld.com and they’ll be waiting for you.

will i see you there?



Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Black Lab Facebook 'Likes'

hey everyone, i want to crack 10,000 likes today over at the black lab page. will you help me?
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